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Leading Screens To Enhance Your Resolutions.

With creating the best products since 2008, SUNCEN is dedicated and committed towards creating, manufacturing and selling the best LED products, Research and Development including primary products like LED rental, led outdoor display, led sports display, and led indoor display.


Discover the premium quality of LED products that we manufacture with integration of advanced technology and highest quality of raw-materials. Discover the leading led products!



Why Choose Us

  • We believe in offering products that are durable. Our products last longer than any other and this is what makes us the leading manufacturers of led products.
  • We add value to our products which gives us an edge over others. Most importantly, we believe adding value to our products helps us meet your demands.
  • Our led products are of premium quality. We ensure that we do not compromise on quality at all.
  • We have made our quality products available at affordable to make your sure that you achieve your ROI. For us, YOU come first!
  • We are dedicated towards achieving customer loyalty and to make that happen, our experienced professionals are 24/7 at your service.
  • We offer warranty with our products to make sure that the customer satisfaction rate that we flaunt, we make it happen!
Awards & Recognition

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We will contact you to understand your needs and demands and assist you in planning your project:

– Product Requirements

– Goals From Your Project

– Estimated ROI

– Technological Advancements

– Quality Required

– Quantity Required

– Value Added Services



Trailer in USA


Indoor Screen Display In Panama

16MM Led Out Door Display In Japan

16MM-Led-Out-Door-Display-In-Japan-compressor Rental Makes Event Compelling & Unforgettable!

SUNCEN is committed towards providing its client with the best led indoor display. Clients from all over the world are not only impressed with the led indoor display of SUNCEN, but also with its remarkable customer service. The premium quality of LED indoor display has helped the company to be among the leading indoor suppliers. Thus, if you need quality display, then you are at the right place to get it from the best indoor supplier.

Quality & Affordable Indoor Price

Built with top-notch indoor and outdoor properties that portray excellent image details, extra-ordinary viewing angles, the created by SUNCEN takes color and contrasts to new heights with darker display and up-to-date module design. Though the quality of the product is top-notch but we have kept indoor price affordable which gives us a competitive edge over our competitors. Moreover, it acknowledges our company’s motto, that is, to provide highest quality products to our clients with best customer service. This has created an extra-ordinary repute for our company guarantying customer loyalty.
The purpose of our company is to offer ultimate customer satisfaction to our clients, and to make it possible, we just don’t compromise on quality of indoor and outdoor and this attribute of our makes us the premium indoor and outdoor manufacturers.
No matter what your quantity demand is, SSUNCEN delivers you the best product. We value what’s in your wallet as much as you do, and to make sure that your ROI is achieved, the affordability of indoor price for you is kept in mind. Your success derives our success and that is what defines us as the best outdoor manufacturers.

Don’t Worry About Indoor Full Color Price – Quality Speaks For Itself!

Well, if you are worried about the indoor full color price, then you don’t need to because our quality speaks for itself. We are committed to make quality products and we give our best efforts to get it ready with premium quality. Though, compromising on quality can make the price low, but we do not compromise on quality and hence the quality speaks for the indoor full color price. The reason behind no compromising on quality is to provide our clients with the best led indoor outdoor displays. Our motto is to ensure customer satisfaction and to make that happen, we ensure that the quality of our displays are awesome no matter what the indoor full color price is. Keeping in mind, the mission and vision of the company, that is to ensure customer loyalty, our team crafts best displays without worrying about the indoor full color price. That doesn’t illustrate that our prices are too high, we keep in mind the ROI that client might want to achieve and hence the indoor full price is affordable without compromising on the quality.

Outdoor Manufacturers – We Are the Best!

SUNCEN always provide its customer with premium quality product and that is what makes us the best indoor and outdoor manufacturers. We are listed among the top outdoor manufacturers and we are proud of it. However, reaching to the top most level wasn’t easy and it involves a lot of struggle. But our team with its hard work and mission, to offer best products, has made us successful and assisted us in helping listed as the leading outdoor manufacturers. Our method of working maybe quiet different, but it is what differentiates us from our competitors and makes us the top outdoor manufacturers. You may be excited to hear the method which makes us one of the leading outdoor manufacturers. Here it is, very simple! Whatever the order we get from our clients, from the very first day, our team is dedicated and passionate towards providing the client with the highest quality of the products. We do not really waste our time on thinking or calculating about the profits that we might get, rather we work hard to ensure customer satisfaction and deliver the best to what our customer demands. This mantra of ours makes us one of the leading outdoor manufacturers.

Quality Matters Not The Outdoor Advertising Screen Price

There are various clients who are curious over the outdoor advertising screen price and their requests are often circling over the issue of outdoor price. The only response from our team is to provide them with the best quality with affordable outdoor price. The highest the quality of the product, the better it will perform. Our team guides our client about the efforts, material and quality that we put in to create outdoor advertising display which is of premium quality. Premium quality display will lead to more views and to get that, it is better to concentrate on the quality of the product rather than focusing on the price. SUNCEN creates best displays with affordable outdoor price, and the idea behind that is to ensure customer satisfaction. When we have delivered the quality product that leads to customer satisfaction, we then offer remarkable customer service, which eventually leads to customer loyalty. Fulfilling our motto and working on our mission, that is, customers first! SUNCEN have made itself get listed among the leading indoor and outdoor manufacturers!

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